We Thin Your Flex

The name ThinFlex Corp. is derived from the concept of "We Thin Your Flex" for products and business management. In 2000. the company is located in Luzhu District, Kaohsiung City (Kaohsiung Science Park).Based on a strong R&D group, and numerous self-developed innovative technologies, various types of polyimide based Flexible Copper Clad Laminates (FCCL) and other related materials are professionally manufactured for our customers.

Besides receiving numerous domestic and foreign patents, we have earned an outstanding reputation in the flexible wiring board industry. Our product, also by the name of ThinFlex ® , has been sold around the world wide and has been earned high quality reputation in many well-known multinational companies. Furthermore, we are leading the FCCL industry and IC packaging industry with new revolutionary applications.  ThinFlex, an innovative company, insists on using disciplined material science to constantly develop cutting edge technologies beyond current industry standards.